I have attended a Bethren church since I was thirteen. So when I first started attending my current church (Presbyterian), there are some things that are practiced that I found very refreshing.

One of the practice is to recite the apostle creed before we partake in the communion, which is taken once a month, as compared to every Sunday in the Bethren church.

In reciting the creed, I remember pausing when we got to the line “I believe in the Holy Catholic Church..” I was like ‘huh?’ The footnote catholic=universal didn’t do much to help in my questioning.

This topic came up in today’s tea time gathering. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for me to learn more about the Apostle’s creed. I appreciate creeds as it allows The Gathered to affirm what we believe. And I think there may be others like me who may be reciting this creed and will benefit from a deeper understanding.

To be continued…