Read this paragraph to my wife this morning at our couple’s retreat by Jeff Purswell from his chapter of the book Worldliness. I think it’s a important and powerful message, that I pray my wife will keep in her heart. (Choked with emotions whilst trying to read the paragraph to her this morning.) I thank God for my wife, who is a wonderful mother. May God continue to be gracious to her.

“…I carry a particular burden that mothers grasp and, amid the unremitting responsibilities and countless chores of parenting, remember this message. Despite our culture’s pervasive hostility to the idea, motherhood is a calling from God, and now calling is higher. Although Scripture calls husbands to provide loving leadership to their homes, it’s the incessant labors of mothers that, day by day, year after year, instill biblical values and inculcate a Christian culture in the home. Who can measure the long-term effects of nurturing helpless infants, supervising wandering toddlers, disciplining self-willed children, and counseling self-absorbed adolescents? Of family outings planned, traditions built, memories made, books read, songs sung, Scripture taught? That’s why motherhood belongs under the heading, “Engage the World”; no one shapes generations or fashions cultures more than mothers.”