whiterthansnow-cover31Picked up this book to read when I was heading home after prayer meeting this evening. Pastor Stanley saw me holding it and told me:”It’s a very good book.” and after reading only the preface, I’m convinced. Paul David Tripp must know his music for he writes these sentences that rung loud in the ears of my heart.



I have approached Psalm 51 like a piece of sheet music. The key signature, the time signature, the notes, and the dynamic markings that are on the page are there because that is precisely what the Great Composer designed to be there. This devotional book is not my attempt to help you understand each note on the page. No, this book is more like jazz. While endeavoring to stay inside God’s key signature and time signature, I have attempted to introduce to you creative, practical, everyday-life riffs on the themes that make up the music of grace of this wonderful psalm.

Think about it. This is exactly how you live your life as a Christian. God hasn’t given you in the Bible the exact notes to play in every situation of your life. No, in the Bible, he gives you a divinely inspired musical structure (the history, command, principles, and perspectives that flow out of the narrative of Scripture) and invites you to improvise harmoniously with him. In this way, the life of a believer is more like jazz than is it like playing off sheet music. So, what you have in your hands is devotional jazz, designed to help you improvise more harmoniously with the Great Composer.