b3260-00-11_mThis is from Jeff Purswell’s chapter 6 from the book Worldliness: Resisting the seductions of a fallen world. I think it is a good description of a cross-centered life. 




The cross transforms all the categories of our lives. It answers the central questions of the human predicament.

The cross tells me who I am. Apart from grace, I’m a sinner separated from God and subject to his wrath, but through the cross I’ve been forgiven, adopted into God’s family, and transformed by the Holy Spirit to know, love, and glorify God. 

The cross interprets the world I inhabit. God made this world good, and although sin severely corrupted it, the cross demonstrates God’s commitment to remove sin from his creation and his power to restore it to himself.

The cross transforms my view of people. Although made in the image of God, because of sin they are guilty, corrupt, and liable to punishment before a holy God. However, the gospel offers men and women hope, because on the cross Christ paid for the sins of all who would ever be forgiven.

The cross give my life purpose. Through the cross I’ve been purchased by God and restored to his original purposes for me. I now can know him and glorify him in this world, reflecting his character and laboring to see his reign expressed throughout creation. 

What part does the cross play in your life? Does it tower over all the other realities of your earthly existence? Does it define who you are and how you live?