If true humanity is bound up in community with God and godly community with others, I will never experience it when all my eyes ever see is my own need.

This way of living is always riddled with anxiety and fear. You see, I will never be able to control all the things that need to be controlled in order for me to guarantee that all of my needs will be met. If I am a farmer, I cannot control the weather. If I am a parent, I cannot control the hearts of my children. If I am a husband or wife, I cannot control the affection of my spouse. If I am a worker, I cannot control the economy. If I am a friend, I cannot control the acceptance of others. If I am a neighbor, I cannot control the choices of the people next door. If I am a citizen, I cannot control the powers of government. When I carry the meeting of my own needs as the most dominant focus of my living, I will always struggle with the anxiety that comes from the realization of how small the circle of my control actually is.

Paul David Trip, A Quest for More, p.54