Kevin DeYoung writes a post to stop pitting head Chrsitians against heart Christians.

The problem is not too much knowledge or too much doctrine or caring too much about thinking. The problem is when knowledge of God becomes a vat instead of a vessel. Doctrinal knowledge is to the Christian life what blood is to the human body. If the blood flows through vessels, it literally gives life to the whole body. But if you just collected blood in a big bucket, some kind of grotesque vat, then you’ve got something unnatural going on. Blood isn’t meant to be stored in a vat. It is meant to flow through vessels of veins and arteries. Likewise, knowledge is not meant to be pooled in a giant theological noggin. Good doctrine and a robust understanding of God is meant to flow through us, producing fruit, leading to worship, making us more like Christ.

We need to find ways to stop pitting head Christians against heart Christians. We shouldn’t allow some churches to be “doctrine churches” and others to be some other kind of church. Every Christian must have knowledge and grow in knowledge. After all, as Peter reminds us, it’s how grace and peace will be multiplied to us. It’s how we receive power for life and godliness.