There’s just something about songs written in 3/4 and a pentatonic minor scale melody. They sometimes make great hymns! In Christ Alone (Townend & Getty) being an example.

I’m not going to make a prediction whether this one is going to be as ‘big’. But I find the words of this song very gripping. Perhaps that’s the thing about this time signature and melody, it really brings out the words, they have no where to hide it seems.

I just learnt the song today, and love it so much that I’m going to teach is to my cell group tonight! You can listen to the song here. The song is from EMUMUSIC’s new album Songs for Little Rooms.

This life I live is not my own
For my Redeemer paid the price
He took it to be his alone
To be his treasure and his prize
The things of earth I leave behind
To live in worship of my King
His is the right to rule my life
Mine is the joy to live for him

I died to sin upon the cross
I’m bound to Jesus in his death
The old is gone and now I must
Rely on him for every breath
With every footstep that I tread
What mysteries he has in store
I cannot know what lies ahead
But know that he has gone before

There is a voice that pierced the grave
A power that rolled the stone away
A sound of life, I know I’m saved
The voice of God has called my name
So I will rise, and in the air
Behold the glory of the King
I will not fear to meet him there
I know my life is hid with him

Words & Music: Michael Morrow