God is so Gracious. After chapel today when I shared The Gospel Song, a girl in primary 4 came up to me and said: “Can I ask a question?” And I said, “Sure!” And what the girl said next totally blew me away. She asked, “Why did Jesus have to die? I mean, isn’t there any other way?”

What a great question! And I was struggling to give an answer in 30 seconds (that was about the time I thought I had before she had to leave.) My heart is just so moved that someone heard the Gospel today and responded in such a way. I pray that she and perhaps others will come to the conclusion that there is really no other way for God’s wrath and judgement to be appeased other than by the death of Jesus. It awes and humbles me to think that it was the will of the Father to crush His own Son instead of me, and now a sinner like me is also a child of grace.

Well, I wish I had more time to answer the girls questions. For those of us who want more answers, John Piper gives 50 reasons why Jesus had to die.