The gospel, the message about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, is the central message of the Bible. It is the message that God is seeking to communicate in all of his word. And so we preach the Bible rightly as we seek to preach the gospel by prayerfully expounding God’s word.

Beginning with the desire to preach the gospel reminds us to preach the Bible s the word of God-the word that calls on everyone who hears, every time they hear it, to respond with obedience and faith. We must not preach the Bible without calling on people to respond to it. Further, by aiming to preach the gospel we remind ourselves to preach the whole of the Scriptures with reference to Christ, the point and purpose of all of God’s work in the world. In short, by aiming to preach the gospel, we remind ourselves to preach the oracles of God as the oracles of God.

-Phillip Jensen