This hymn is now free from Kingsway.

Kyrie Eleison, have mercy,
Christe Eleison, have mercy.

As we come before You with the needs of our world,
We confess our failures and our sin;
For our words are many yet our deeds have been few,
Fan the fire of compassion once again.

When the cries of victims go unheard in the land,
And the scars of war refuse to heal,
Will we stand for justice to empower the weak
Till their bonds of oppression are no more?

If we love our God with all our heart, mind and strength,
And we love our neighbours as ourselves,
Then this law of love will heal the nations of earth
And the glory of Christ will be revealed.

Lord, renew our vision to be Christ where we live,
To reach out in mercy to the lost;
For each cup of kindness to the least in our midst
Is an offering of worship to the throne.

Stuart Townend & Keith Getty
Copyright © 2010 Thankyou Music & Getty Music

Kyrie Eleison is the Greek translation of ‘Lord have Mercy’ and is a song of confession and repentance with a focus on those sins of ommission- the things we should do but do not do particularly as we consider the deep needs of our world. When we sing as a church we need to make time to voice our sin before the One we have sinned against so that we might also look with relief to the One who is merciful and see a path of freedom unfold before us where we can walk as He did.” – Keith Getty