When thou art angry towards me for my wrongs

I try to pacify thee by abstaining from future sin,

But teach me that I cannot satisfy thy law,

that this effort is a resting in my righteousness,

that only Christ’s righteousness,

read made, already finished,

is fit for that purpose;

that thy chastising me for my sin

is not that I should try to reform, but only

that I may be more humbled, afflicted, and

separated from sin, by being reconciled,

and made righteous in Christ by faith;

that a sense of my sufficiency and ability in him

is one means of my being immovable;

that I can never be so resting on my own faith,

but by trusting in thee as my only support, by faith,

that if I cast away my faith I cast away thee,

for by faith I apprehend thee,

and as thou art very precious,

so is my faith very precious to me;

that I fall short of the purity thou requirest,

because in thinking I am holy

I do not seek holiness,

or, believing I am impotent, I do no more.

Humble me for not being as holy as I should be,

or as holy as I might be through Christ,

for thou art all,

and to posses thee is to posses all.

But to make the creature something

is to make it stand between thee and me,

so that I do not walk humbly and holily.

Lord, forgive me for this.