So let us preach with clear urgency. Let us not just teach, but also preach. If teaching is like the signpost which explains clearly to us where we ought to go and how to go there, preaching is like the friendly but firm shove from behind to get us started on actually join there and to keep us moving. We must teach: exhortation without teaching is like someone giving me a shove without explaining why. It is an act of verbal aggression, an ovation of my personal space, a ranting and raving without explaining to me why I need to do what the soap box warrior shouts at me what I must do. We must teach. If we do not teach with patience and clarity, there is no point preaching. But we must not stop with teaching. It is a fine thing patiently to explain to me so that I understand. But if you love me you will press home to me with all the force you can my need to act on what I now understand, and to act on it today.

Christopher Ash, The Priority of Preaching, p.64-65