That’s the Old Testament!

Slugs and Bugs

In these early months of 2013, when I’m not busy booking concerts, I’m working on songs for the new Slugs & Bugs CD. If you haven’t heard, almost all of the lyrics will come straight from scripture. I’ve really appreciated the scripture suggestions so many of you gave a few months back when I introduced the idea (please, keep ’em coming!).  Tomorrow, I’ll share which scriptures I’ve used so far, and I’m hopeful some of you will be excited to find your suggestions on the list.

I’m using a few different translations, sometimes combining translations in the same song, so I’m thinking of calling my amalgamation the MSV.  That is, the Most Singable Version.

Meanwhile, I’ve got at least one song that (almost) all of the translations can agree on, and today I’m going to share the joy. Introducing the new Slugs & Bugs song “That’s the Old Testament,” performed admirably…

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