Really good reflection on surrender.

Sing Anyway

You’re the lightning and the thunder
You’re the wind and the rain
You’re the potter and the maker
You’re the consecrating flame

You are God, you are good, and nothing can ever take that away from me.

Not too late in the night in the familiar setting of the seminar room, now half-empty (or half-full?) wondering why my heart weighs so heavy I’ve stopped work for the night. I have many thoughts, and maybe typing them down illogically will help life make some sense to me.

It’s hard to think ourselves into surrender. We can imagine all the possible outcomes and tell God we are okay with them all, we can be reminded of sacrifices we have to make and the pain that comes along with it, we can think in our minds that we will surrender to God.. but it’s a different thing when He tests it. When He asks for our…

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