Let’s say you ask me, “What’s the church?”

I’d say, “Not what, but WHO!”

The church is made of people just

like me and just like you.

The church is not a place we go

to meet on special days.

It’s us-it’s he and she and we-

called out to bring Christ praise.

Christ died and rose to life again

to wipe away our sin.

This good news makes us people,

who love and trust in Him.

God’s church is built of human hearts-

Men, women, girls, and boys.

By faith we’re made God’s family.

Together we rejoice!

We all are like an orphan child.

Our sin makes us alone.

Through Jesus, we’re adopted in

and treasured as God’s own.

We’re missionaries-ALL the church!-

who go to serve and preach.

We love no matter who the soul

and help those in our reach.

Sometimes we travel far to reach

the needy, lost, and poor.

At other times we do the same

for those who live next door.

Like Jesus came to humble serve

the church serves those in need.

We work and care for those who hurt;

those hungry we will feed.

We are no longer slaves to sin.

Now we are free to give!

God’s love for people flows through us

in how we daily live.

To learn of God in all his ways,

is not a task or chore.

It’s truly joy to seek God’s word,

to know him more and more.

We study deeply in God’s Word.

We think and memorise.

It’s in the Bible that we find

Christ is our greatest prize.

You see, the Bible isn’t just

a myth or fairy tale.

This book speaks truth of Jesus Christ.

His words will never fail.

We strive to live with thankful hearts

that give our father praise.

We worship him with all we do,

boast only in his ways.

I know it may seem like a lot,

but in these many things

the church is giving praise to Christ,

our risen Lord and King.

That’s why we serve and learn and preach

and care and help and give.

We love because he first loved us.

He died that we might live.


Let’s say I ask you, “What the church?”

Just say, “Now what, but WHO!”

for now you know the church is NOT

A building you can view.

God’s church is not a place we go

to learn and pray and sing.

It’s WE who are the church through faith

in Jesus as our King.