“Is it arrogant to be confident about going to heaven?” It’s a question that I’ve asked my youth leaders and youth in our recent study of Acts. Some may say, “Only God knows.” While that is true, a youth commented that it is perhaps a more arrogant statement to make. Indeed that person seems to be confident about the inability to be confident.

Carson in discussing the authorship of the Gospel according to John, argued against that “no Christian would call himself ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved'”:

Those who are most profoundly aware of their own sin and need, and who in consequence most deeply feel the wonders of the grace of God that has reached out and saved them, even them, are those who are most likely to talk about themselves as the objects of God’s love in Christ Jesus.

-D.A. Carson, The Gospel according to John, The Pillar New Testament Commentary, 76.

I found the not only to be convincing but true. Indeed it is not a mark of arrogance to be confident of heaven or of Jesus’ love but rather as Carson writes, “the mark of brokenness”.

not a mark of arrogance but brokeness