David Cook, former principal of Sydney Missionary & Bible College kicked off Day 1 of Project Timothy’s Preaching Conference with a talk on ‘Why Expository Preaching Matters’. David’s formula for expository is: Explanation+Application=Expository Preaching. Here’s 8 reasons why expository preaching matters.

1. Expository preaching recognises the Bible for what it is. It is uniquely God’s Word. The revelation of Himself and His purpose.

2. Expository preaching recognises Christian ministry for what it is. Pastoral ministry feeds the people the Word of God.

3. Expository preaching recognises the Church for what it is. The Church is God’s gathered people. That’s what Mt. Sinai is. That’s why we don’t neglect to meet one another. We’re here to listen to what God says.

4. Expository preaching gives the congregation a working hermeneutic. It’s a model of how they should handle the Bible.

5. Expository preaching recognises people for what they are. We don’t have to close our eyes to reality. The Bible has integrity in the way it speaks of the human heart. The Bible says that humans are dead. Spiritually dead. People are dead, and people will come to life only by the preaching of the Word of God.

6. Expository preaching is systematic. That’s good for the preacher and people. You don’t have to worry bout what you have to preach next week. It’s not personal. God sets the agenda.

7. Expository preaching is beneficial. The Word is the Spirit’s Word. Breathed out by the Spirit of God. The Word Man is the Spirit Man.

8. Expository preaching is all about Jesus. And it is Jesus whom we commend to people.

Expository preaching matters because the Bible matters.