71uz0kzji2LChristopher Ash helpfully guides us in our response to Elihu.

Godly wisdom is not so much a word spoken to the human heart from the outside, as a character formed in the believer by the Spirit of God working by the Word of God at the deepest level of the human heart. In setting before us in Job these speeches (by Elihu) in which truth and error are mixed, God invites us to think for ourselves, to puzzle, to engage with the process of wisdom fashioning our minds and hearts. There is an aspect of the Word of God that comes authoritatively to us from above, from the mountaintop of Sinai; this is the Law of God. But there is also an aspect of the Word of God that gets under our skin and into our soul and beavers away within us as we meditate, puzzle and think about the world and our place in it. This latter facet of the Word of God does not respond to the immature request to “Tell me the answer”: rather it draws the seeking and searching believer into a lifelong process of wondering and prayerful meditation on God’s Word.

Christopher Ash, Out of the Storm: Questions and Consolations from the Book of Job (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2004), 88.